The price of having a mobile app developed can certainly vary quite significantly. Mobapps is a mobile app development company that prices mobile app projects based on difficulty.

Simply put, the larger and more involved the project is, the more expensive it will be. Once you review the project with one of our consultants, we will be able to review and discuss the idea then put together a proposal for you, fully outlining the cost and payment breakdown options. Upon our team completing the development work the mobile app is yours to keep, use, and distribute however you please. We do not charge royalty fees, licensing fees, or any other types of costs

Another element that can influence the cost of developing a mobile app involves the platform it is built to run on. At times, a app can be programmed in a way that makes it fairly easy to be ready for the iOS (iphone/ipad), Android, as well as other devices. Other times there will be a need to make multiple versions / edits of the same app for it to function properly on the various platforms. Budget at times may dictate launching the app from just one device.

Be mindful that if you plan on selling your mobile app via a store such as the App Store by Apple Inc, you may have small, additional costs to have an account which allows you to list the material. Basically our costs start and end at the development of the app itself.

For more information on mobile app development feel free to request a quote .